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Staffing Agency with over 30 years of experience!

Helen's Agency is a boutique agency that is owned by Helen Kulungian, and operated by Helen and her daughter Carla Kulungian.  

Helen's Agency

For over 30 years Helen’s Agency has provided worldwide services to distinguished clientèle seeking qualified and experienced candidates in the domestic and corporate field.

Having no one is better than having the wrong person...

I had used recruitment agencies for years, and what I noticed most about the agencies I contacted was their inability to listen to my needs.

With that experience in mind, I was determined to create a boutique agency that would revolutionize the experience of hiring household and corporate staff.  My mission was to change the industry by redefining the method.

Therefore, I endeavor to establish a relationship with every client that calls in need of my service, and take great pride in the fact, that my clients initially deal directly with me, the owner.

When hiring, the first conversation is generally the most important.  This is when the client’s needs are determined. There are many facets to finding the perfect employee, and this process goes far beyond experience and qualifications. One of the key ingredients is taking the time to understand the client’s needs, personality, and expectations. This is the foundation by which the search begins for the most suitable candidate.

With the same strategy in mind, I established a database of professional candidates that consists of applicants I have known and placed over the years of being in business, and this network expanded by way of personal and client referral. A great deal of consideration is taken when evaluating a candidate for a potential position.  I consider their personality and strengths, and ask the honest questions that help make the match successful.

What has been the greatest contribution to your many years of success in business?
“Sometimes it's hard for a client to verbalize their exact needs and wishes, therefore a great deal of my success has been due to my ability to foresee the needs of a client, and deliver their desires.”
– Helen Kulungian

Maggie Muradian

Viceroy Hotel Group

"Helen Kulungian (Helen's Agency) is my go to person to get the job done right! She has helped me find the right person each time I've hired her, and has always been very professional, resourceful and trustworthy. She has such a depth of knowledge of her industry and a 'sixth sense', that she has answers to questions you have not encountered yet.....but seem to be important to the solution! A+++ Thanks again for all you do! I recommend her for all your staffing needs."